About Us

ScanQR is a web QR scanning application. It allows you to scan any QR code online. Additionally, you are not required to download any software or app. You could scan a QR code with just a few clicks. Its built-in feature allows scanning QR codes from images or with the camera.

QR code scanner web app

Scan QR

We built this web app to make the scanning process easy and secure. Your data and security are important to us. This web app does not send or upload any of your content. That means everything happens locally at your machine. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

how to scan a qr code online

How does it work?

The whole process works in just two easy steps. Firstly, you choose a QR code and scan it through our web application. That can be done by both QR images or with a live reader camera. Finally, it results in the encoded data of your QR code.

The result can vary depending upon the QR code type. There are various QR types like QR codes for a link, WiFi passwords, business cards, etc.

You can create your QR code using the QRGenerator tool. It's free and available online. You can create different QR codes, add colors, logos, etc.


Free: It's free and always will be. There is no cost to use this tool.
Easy to use: No expert-level knowledge is required to take advantage of this tool.
Quick: It's super fast and time-saving. You can use it anytime online without downloading the QR scanner app or software.
Easy drag & drop: requires no uploading of your data. Also, you can copy results with just a single click.

We are consistently striving for improvements in this tool. If you have any feedback or suggestions, then contact us.